History teaching in the Netherlands

History curriculum and teaching


Information about the history curriculum, the number of history lessons and the teaching of history in the Netherlands.

Education system
Information about the Dutch education system.

Education system and history curriculum

Education system

Number of history lessons

The teaching of history in Primary Education

The teaching of history in Lower Secondary Education

The teaching of history in Senior General Secondary Education and Pre-University Education (havo en vwo)

The teaching of history in Pre-Vocational Education and Junior General Secondary Education (vmbo)


Teaching lessons

  • The Olympic Games
    A webquest in which students compare the ancient with the modern Olympic Games.

  • Animal Farm
    Learning activities for Animal Farm (book and movie).

  • The lives of others
    Questions tot the movie about live in a totalitarian state.

  • The White Rose
    An assignment about life in a totalitarian state.

  • Hunters with amnesia
    The webquest, 'Hunters with amnesia', is an activating teaching method (activating instructional format) called the AQUA, which stands for Activating prior knowledge, asking Questions and searching for Answers. The AQUA is related to problem-based learning.'Hunters with amnesia' is an assignment about the life of hunters and gatherers in prehistoric times, but is also an assignment about activating prior knowledge, misconceptions, the formulation of questions and about the search for information (information skills) and cooperative learning. 

  • Enola Gay
    A webquest about the historical significance of the dropping of the first atomic bomb.

  • Containment
    Students research four important events in the Cold War from a containment viewpoint.

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Historical skills are ok to me, but would you teach them some historical knowledge every now and then too, please?
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